Take your life to the next level

It may start with drinking less.  My name is Michelle, and I can help.

It’s not as hard as you think.

Is This You?

A smart woman who wants to drink less.

Waking up thinking about what you could’ve done, or should’ve done, if only you didn’t have that extra glass (or two)?

Tired of the negative chatter.

Before you know it, the end of the day comes, and you are savoring the pour of that first glass.

My program is the perfect solution for professional women who want to:

  • Feel better by drinking less, or quitting
  • Wake up without the guilt
  • Lose those last pesky pounds
  • Create a purposeful life with increased productivity, hitting the goals you set in your career and life.

How Will I Know If I Will Benefit?

I offer a consultation call (free) to all clients before making any commitments. The call is 30 minutes long and allows you the opportunity to:

  • Talk about you, and why you don’t currently have the results you want.
  • Talk about what you do want to get very soon.
  • Discuss the journey from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • When you talk to me live I can customize everything I know, specific to your life.
  • And remember – it’s free – no obligation – such fun!

Still Not Sure?

I Get It

When I first started this work I was hesitant to commit because I didn’t want any labels or feel any sense of judgment. That my friend, does not happen here. We look at what is going on, separate out the facts, and determine what you want to do moving forward.  You do not have to give up who you are in order to drink less – and you do not have to give up drinking completely in order to take your life to the next level.

You may be feeling nervous because you don’t know me, or embarrassed to be vulnerable enough to discuss what’s going on.

I Get It

This is about creating the next best version of you, without judgement.  As a life coach I help you create the life you desire for the future.

You may wonder why it is free.

I Get It

We have been told nothing in life is free right? Well this is the exception. I love working with women who want to take their lives to the next level, and I know the importance of feeling in control.  This is your opportunity to look at where you are, discuss where you want to go, and gain a better understanding of a customized plan to get you there.  This time can be different.  This is unlike anything you have tried before.  Let’s get on a call – such fun!

I Got You


  • Michelle is a committed professional intent on helping make one’s body and mind sound. Initially, I was focused on changes to what I bring into my body, then noticed from my weekly discussions with michelle that my mind was less anxious and my confidence to solve other personal challenges was growing. So, beyond her 6 week introductory program, I am still a client. An ardent listener, michelle takes judicious notes and follows up, asking what is going on/right/wrong. If I listed all the ways she has helped me, you might not believe me. I am constantly amazed by michelle’s capacity to guide me to create changes that really count.

    J NY
  • It can be intimidating to look closely at your thoughts and how your respond to them. It is well worth the effort. It is very eye opening to realize how we regularly "talk" to ourselves. It is work, like any new practice, but we can actually take hold of our feelings and our responses to them. I find myself living my world with more thoughtful intent rather than feeling at the mercy of circumstances in my life.

    E NY
  • I feel I am doing great in listening to my inner dialogue and when necessary changing the thoughts that don’t serve me or give me the feelings I want. Progress, but not perfection. As you know, this has so much more to do then with just drinking less! My desire to drink has been less the more I have tuned into why I wanted to drink (over drink) in the first place. I’m learning so much about why I react to life the way I have been previous to this year. It’s helped with communication with my husband and my overall anxiety/guilt has been so much better.

    J CA
  • Just taking a moment to celebrate that I’ve lost 11.3 lbs since we first spoke. Feeling pretty good about that. Success is contagious.

    L TN