If you are using alcohol as a way to relax, but tired of the regret, and want something new – you are in the right spot.

Hi – I’m Michelle Bourque, and until recently I was right where you are – feeling like I needed wine to relax at night, or to have fun with the girls.

I felt regret most mornings to follow.

I wanted to drink less.

I wanted to lose those last pesky pounds.

I wanted to be more productive.

I wanted to take my life to the next level – but I wasn’t sure what that was.

I get it – you think you want to cut back, but the cycle just seems to continue.

I love working with women who like their wine, but want something more.

I teach women how to drink less, and start living the life they imagine.

Why is the work so amazing?

It is tailored to your specific life so you get the results you want, permanently.

So where do you begin?

Are you ready?