If you are using alcohol as a way to relax, but tired of the regret, and want something new – you are in the right spot.

Until recently I was right where you are – feeling like I needed wine to relax at night, or to have fun with the girls.

I felt regret most mornings to follow.

I wanted to drink less.

I wanted to lose those last pesky pounds.

I wanted to be more productive.

I get it – you want to feel more in control, but the cycle just seems to continue.

I teach women how to stop over drinking, and start living the life they imagine.

We have successful careers

We are able to perform at a high level on a daily basis.


We are in control

Of most things in our lives.

We are career women, getting it done, and helping others along the way.


We feel regret

We feel like we are drinking against our own will.

Waking up with the negative chatter.

Wanting to do it differently, but one glass turns into one bottle.

There is an answer, and it’s not as hard as you think.

This program will teach you how to un-learn the over desire for alcohol, and begin drinking less, without needing willpower.

This is not a 12 step program.  I teach women about their over desire for alcohol, which has nothing to do with a lack of willpower, or any moral standards.  We will create a customized program for you; because you do not have to give up who you are, to drink less.

We do some serious work – but always with a flare of fun.

When you do this work you become aware of what is going on.

You decide, on purpose, what you want.

You build new neural pathways in your brain to achieve it.

Why is the work so amazing?

It is tailored to your specific life so you get the results you want, permanently.

So where do you begin?

Are you ready?